Student Achievements

PALS – NEXGEN 3D Hackathon 2021

II Year Students of Biomedical Engineering had participated in PALS – NEXGEN 3D Hackathon 2021 and won first prize, received cash prize of Rs. 4000/- for the project titled “Design of Human Prosthetic hand”

Team: Dharun K II-BME, Charanya G II-BME, Mukul Rayana II-AI&DS

IEEE Innovation Challenge Track

Seven of our Second Year BME Students have presented a paper in IEEE Innovation Challenge Track Preliminary round YESIST’12 2021 organized by Canara Engineering College Manglore on 5th September 2021

Team 1: Jenepher Sanjeetha Sekar, Sharon Flora P, Niran S, Tarun Ganesh K

Team 2: Varsha Srinivasan, Keerthika K, B.Mohana Lakshmi

Paper Presentation

Two of Our BME Students have presented a paper entitled “The Intelligent Healthcare” in IEEE Photonics, Robotics & Engineering in Medicine, Computer Society Sponsored Two day International Conference on Biomedical Smart Structures and Systems Organized by the Department of ECE, Medical Electronics & BME, Saveetha Engineering College held on 7th& 8th May 2021

Team :JenepherSanjeethaSekar, I – BME & Sharon Flora P,  I – BME

One of ourBME Student have Presented  a paper entitled “Nanobots for cancer Immuno-therapy” in Virtual National Conference on Innovation in Computing and TechnologyOrganized by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Velammal Institute of Technology on 21th April 2021

Team :Dharun K, I – BME

Paper Publication

Two of Our BMEStudents have Published a paper entitled “Nanobots for cancer Immuno-therapy”in International Journal of Innovative Research in Computer and Communication Engineering(IJIRCCE), Volume 9, Issue 3, March 2021

Team :Keerthana D, I – BME &Dharun K, I – BME